Work for us

At Flygbussarna we have drivers, hosts and officials working together. What we all have in common, regardless of our work title, is that we have the customer in focus.

Working as a driver or host at Flygbussarna means that you will be part of a team with service-oriented and humble co-workers, both colleagues and managers. The work is characterized by joy, professionalism and community.

Working as an official at Flygbussarna means that you will be part of a professional and positive team where innovation and development are guiding principles. At Flygbussarna, the decision paths are short and the possibilities to make a mark and contribute with new ideas are large.

At Flygbussarna, individual performance, as well as community and interplay, are valued. Our co-workers receive security and comfort, as well as development and possibility to grow in their role.



Number of drivers and hosts: 450
Number of officials: 19
Number of airports we traffic: 7
Founded in: 1989
Number of passengers/year: 5,2 million


Flygbussarna likes differences

At Flygbussarna we believe that diversity enriches, challenges and develops. We have employees as well as customers of varying backgrounds, origin and religion and we view it as a privilege to take part of the different perspectives and ideas that this generates. We like differences and we’re proud of that!

A fundamental value at Flygbussarna is equal rights and our key values are action, responsibility, innovation and interplay. This means, for example, that we who work here respect each other and collaborate to reach the best possible result. We believe that diversity is the key to success and we want to do everything possible to avoid discrimination in any form.

Everyone’s equal rights are not about soft values. Through working actively with diversity and inclusion, regardless of discrimination background, we build our successes. Flygbussarna has long worked including, both internally and in our communication. Since three years back we take part in the Pride parade. Not just because we want to do good, but also because it’s a wise business decision.

When working at Flygbussarna you can expect a fair treatment and equal opportunities regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, disabilities, sexual orientation or age. Welcome!