Stockholm: We will not traffic Bromma Airport on the route between Brommaplan and Arlanda from March 26 2017

2017-03-01 17:30

When our new timetable will be published on March 26, 2017 we will no longer traffic the bus stop Bromma Airport on our route between Brommaplan and Arlanda Airport. The traffic will then go directly from Brommaplan to Arlanda Airport with stops at Sundbyberg and Kista.

The reason for this is that the traffic situation in Bromma area is very strained today and will be even more so when shoppiong mall Bromma Blocks is expanding.

Our travel times vary greatly due to uncertain traffic conditions in the area. That makes the route unreliable to our customers. According to customer surveys we know that the route is appreciated but not the unreliable travel times.

By removing Bromma Airport from this route we will avoid large delays and unhappy customers.

For those customers who would like to travel from Bromma Airport to Arlanda Airport we recommend our transport on demand service Flygbussarna Door to Gate. From Bromma Airport choose the address Flygplatsinfarten 43.

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