Take the Airport coaches and earn SAS EuroBonus points

Travelling with us has always been rewarding, and now we are adding even more points. We are proud to present our partnership with SAS EuroBonus.

As a member of SAS EuroBonus you receive Extra points when buying your bus-ticket through our website or in our app.

  EuroBonus Member Card

1 SEK = 1 Extra point with SAS EuroBonus

For every Swedish crown spent on bus-tickets in our webshop you receive one Extra point with the SAS EuroBonus programme. If you buy a ticket for 99 SEK you receive 99 Extra points.

The points you earn from your bus tickets will be added to your points collected with other SAS partners. The collected points can then be used to upgrade your flight, book a hotel room or rent a car. They can also be spent on shopping, exciting adventures or even be donated to charity. Do as follows to start collecting your points today:

  1. If you are not already a member, join SAS EuroBonus.
  2. Declare your SAS EuroBonus number when buying tickets in our web shop.
  3. Travel with Flygbussarna and collect more Extra points to spend in the future.

It is only when you buy your bus ticket through Flygbussarna Airport Coaches' webshop or app that you receive extra points, tickets bought through other channels will not generate points. It is important that you declare your EuroBonus number when booking. Your EuroBonus number will be shown at your e-ticket, so make sure it is there when you buy your ticket. You may register points in retrospect within 6 months after your purchase. Please contact us via our contact form.