Flygbussarna Door to Gate is set to close

2018-08-14 10:26

Door to Gate will cease operations on 30 September 2018. Despite Flygbussarna's expertise and experience, it has not been possible to operate Door to Gate at a profit.

“There are several reasons for the closure. Market reception has not been what we expected. The service has been highly appreciated by our customers, but demand has been too concentrated to a few times a day, which has prevented good flow in transport operations. As a commercial public transport operator, we also face a very difficult competitive situation with very low prices for parking at Arlanda,” said John Strand, CEO at Merresor AB. 
The closure will affect around 100 permanent employees and approximately 100 on-call staff.
The closure means that Stockholm loses an environmentally friendly transport alternative to Arlanda.
“Of course, it’s a real shame to close down this venture. We have had very satisfied customers and a high quality service. Our employees have done a great job, but it doesn't make sense financially. It’s also a shame that as a tourist destination, Stockholm is now losing an environmentally friendly and affordable transport option to Arlanda. Flygbussarna are always looking for new ways to develop public transport for the future, meaning that we must have the courage to try but also to cease operations when profitability is failing,” commented John Strand. 
Door to Gate is a travel concept within Flygbussarna. Door to Gate is a ridesharing service with minibuses to and from Arlanda, Stockholm. The Door to Gate trial was launched on 15 November 2016 and will be closed down on 30 September 2018. The service will continue as usual, up to and including 30 September 2018. All customers who have a trip booked after 30 September will be contacted and will receive a refund. Flygbussarna's usual transport service will not be affected by the closure of Door to Gate.
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