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Stockholm Change of Gates in Cityterminalen

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Stockholm: New name and new location for bus stops at Karolinska from August 28

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Stockholm: New temporary bus stop at Fridhemsplan from Aug 21

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Easy and conventient ride to and from Landvetter Airport

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches offers transfer between Göteborg Landvetter Airport and Gothenburg City with departures up to every 12 minutes.

Our buses depart from the Nils Ericson Terminal in central Gothenburg. On its way to Landvetter Airport, the coaches stop at several centrally located bus stops, such as Kungsportsplatsen and Korsvägen. To see a list of all bus stops on the route, please have look further down on this page.

All of our vehicles in Gothenburg is equipped with ramps and wheelchair/stroller area.

Departures and arrivals

Nils Ericsonterminalen
Departs from Gate 29. Arrival at bus stop 18-20.

Departs from platform D, arrival at platform C.

Departs from platform D, arrival at platform A.

Departs from platform D, arrival at platform C.

Landvetter Airport
Departure and arrival at platform 1.

The rest of our stops only have one platform for departures and arrivals.

Ticket type App/Online price Full price
Adult, single 95 SEK 105 SEK
Adult, return 185 SEK 195 SEK
Youth, single 79 SEK 89 SEK
Youth, return 155 SEK 165 SEK
Adult, 10 One way 855 SEK 855 SEK

Youth tickets are valid for people from age 8 to 17 (inclusive). Up to 2 children under age 8, accompanying a full fare paying adult, travel free of charge. Hållplats Park Aveny trafikeras ej. Vi hänvisar till Berzeliigatan.

There are several options available for buying Flygbussarna tickets. The most convenient ways are to buy your ticket directly on the internet in our webshop. You can also buy tickets at Cityterminalen, the airport, at resellers or on board with a charge card.

We appreciate if you buy your tickets before you board as it makes the boarding process easier, and helps the bus to leave on time.


Show tickets bought on our website on your smartphone or on your tablet computer. You can also print the ticket and take it with you, or request a SMS confirmation.

If you want a booking confirmation as a SMS, a distribution fee of SEK 3 is added to your phone bill/prepaid phone card. In order to receive an SMS confirmation you should have a Swedish mobile that permits payment services. You could either have a subscription with Telia, Telenor, Tele2 or Tre, or a registered Swedish prepaid phone card with Tre or Comviq. For Swedish business phones you must register with WyWallet. For more information contact WyWallet, + 46 771 22 50 50, or visit their website at (only avaliable in Swedish).

At the airport

  • In the kiosk in the domestic arrival and deprature hall. Opening hours Monday - Friday 10:00 - 18:00.
  • In the ticket machine by the busstop or by the exit of the airport to the busstop.
  • 7-Eleven, Landvetter Airport

At Nils Ericson Terminal

  • In the ticket machine by the gate.
  • Västtrafikbutik NET, Nilseriksonterminalen, 411 03 Göteborg

At Korsvägen

  • In the ticket machine by the bus stop.

At resellers

  • 7-Eleven Kungsportsavenyn 14
  • 7-Eleven Nils Ericsonsplatsen
  • Pressbyrån Korsvägen
  • Pressbyrån Nils Ericsonplatsen
  • Pressbyrån Centralstation huvudentrén
  • Pressbyrån Drottningtorget
  • Pressbyrån Nordstadstorget
  • Pressbyrån Centralstation (Centralhuset)
  • Pressbyrån Valand Göteborg, Vasagatan
  • Stenpiren, Skeppsbron 1, Göteborg

At Västtrafik

  • Västtrafikbutik Drottningtorget, Drottningtorget 411 01 Göteborg
  • Västtrafikbutik Brunnsparken Norra hamngatan 18, 411 01 Göteborg
  • Västtrafikbutik Partille Allums köpcentrum, Gamla Kronvägen 7
  • Västtrafikbutik Uddevalla Kampenhofsgatan 2, 45150 Uddevalla
  • Västtrafikbutik Borås, Södra torget 4, 503 35 Borås
  • Västtrafikbutik Skövde, Box 123, 541 23 Skövde
  • Västtrafikbutik Frölunda, Näverlursgatan 11, 421 44 Västra Frölunda
  • Västtrafikbutik Trollhättan, Bergslagstorget 1, 461 32 Trollhättan

On board by card

Tickets may be bought on board but only with credit/debit cards. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, VISA Electron and Maestro.


  • Nils Ericson Terminalen (Göteborg C)
  • Kungsportsplatsen
  • Berzeliigatan
  • Korsvägen / Svenska Mässan
  • TNT Express Härryda A
  • Göteborg Landvetter Airport

We want to make travelling with Flygbussarna as convenient and comfortable as possible for you and your fellow travellers. To ensure a pleasant coach journey for everyone, we kindly ask you to consider some important things when you plan your journey and when you are on board the coach.

Before travelling

We recommend all our travellers to arrive in good time, i.e. at least 10 minutes before the departure time. It also means that you need to arrive in good time for your flight.

If you are travelling abroad, you should plan to arrive at the airport at least 1.5 hours before the flight departure. If you are travelling domestically, you should plan to be at the airport at least 1 hour before the flight departure.

Also take weather and traffic conditions into consideration when planning your journey. During rush hour and bad weather, the coach journey may take longer than the scheduled time.

Delicate luggage should be well protected. Since luggage space inside the coach is very limited, only one (1) small piece of hand luggage is allowed on board the coach per traveller (larger luggage is put in a storage space below).

The maximum measurement for hand luggage allowed on board the coachs seating area is 40x30x20 cm (this only applies to coaches with luggage space below) where you can put the larger luggage.

If there is enough space, bicycles may be taken on the coach free of charge (with the exception of the boat coaches to and from Nynäshamn/Destination Gotland). The bicycle must be packed in protective wrapping.

Pets may be brought on board at no extra cost. Animals must be on a leash or in a cage. With regard for allergy sufferers, we ask that travellers with furred animals sit at the rear of the coach.

Flygbussarna vehicles are not equipped with ramps or cranes, and often have several steps. If you can board and disembark the coach by yourself, you are able to use our services. Flygbussarna staff cannot help with lifting people in or out of the coaches, but they are happy to help you load a wheelchair with the rest of the luggage.


During travel

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches offers free WiFi onboard the bus. The network is named “Flygbussarna free wifi” followed by the number of the bus. No login is required and you surf for free throughout the trip.

For security reasons, no luggage is to be placed in the central aisle of the coach or by any exits. The traveller is responsible for his/her own luggage. This also applies when the luggage is not within sight of the traveller.

Are you travelling from the airport and want to get off at an intermediate bus stop, you may be asked to bring your luggage on board the bus. Due to safety reasons, we avoid opening the luggage compartment at intermediate stops. Please ask the driver or other Flygbussarna personnel what applies for the specific departure. 

It is important to ensure that the right luggage is collected when leaving the coach. Lost, damaged or stolen luggage will not be replaced. Flygbussarna Airport Coaches only replaces damaged, lost or stolen luggage if Flygbussarna Airport Coaches has caused the damage or the loss through intent or gross negligence.

For other matters, Flygbussarna Airport Coaches refers the traveller to their private insurance company. Flygbussarna Airport Coaches reserves the right to reject and deny luggage if special reasons exist.

Our coaches are equipped with safety belts and use of them is required by law. We recommend you use the belt for your own safety and the safety others. It is your responsibility. In the event of police checks, it is the traveller who may suffer legal penalties.

Food and drink
It is permitted to bring and consume food and drink on the coach, but not drinks in paper cups without lids where there is a risk of spilling, nor hot, strong-smelling food which may cause inconvenience to fellow passengers.

For everyone's comfort, we kindly ask you to leave your seat in a satisfactory condition. Consumption of alcoholic drinks on board is prohibited.

Smoking is prohibited on board all Flygbussarnas´ vehicles.


Welcome to Flygbussarna's Customer Service

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Apply for reimbursement/refund

Please submit your suggestion or apply for reimbursement/refund for unused tickets.

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Traffic information

Stockholm Change of Gates in Cityterminalen

02 november Read more »

Stockholm: New name and new location for bus stops at Karolinska from August 28

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Stockholm: New temporary bus stop at Fridhemsplan from Aug 21

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