Congratulations on making a good environment choice!

When you choose to take public transport to and from the airport you are helping to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, about half of today's airport carbon dioxide emissions are from ground transportation, and there are still far too many who choose to take a taxi or their own car. At Flygbussarna we work actively towards a better environment.

Some examples of Flygbussarna's current environmental efforts:

  • All of our coaches run on fossil free fuel.
  • Our drivers are an important part of our environmental efforts, and through the initiative SMART Driving we have succeeded to reduce our fuel consumption by approximately 8%. SMART Driving means that all our drivers are trained in eco-driving and measuring overconsumption. To ensure commitment, we run an individual bonus scheme based on how 'green' they are when they drive. All our coaches are equipped with trip computers which measure overconsumption.
  • We work with informing about and increasing environmental awareness within the company.
  • The Flygbussarna coach departures are often adapted to flight departures and arrivals. This means that we do not make any unnecessary journeys. It may also at times mean waiting for a few passengers before the coach can depart, but this is something we hope customers can understand.

Do you have any suggestions on how we can become a better environmental company? Please contact