About us

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches – easy and affordable transfer to and from the airport

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches offers comfortable and convenient transfers to and from Sweden's main airports. We serve 7 airports: Arlanda Airport, Bromma Airport, Skavsta Airport, Västerås Airport, Malmö Airport, Visby Airport and Landvetter Airport. We depart from Stockholm, Norrköping, Linköping, Gothenburg, Malmö, Lund, and Visby during the summer season.

There are many good reasons for choosing Flygbussarna Airport Coaches:

Airport coaches across Sweden. In total, we serve 7 airports to and from eight towns. This means that more than 85 percent of Sweden's air travellers can choose the same transport means to and from the major airports.

The service is adapted to flights. We adapt our timetables to flight departure and arrival times, so that you can choose a coach at a time that suits your flight. Our bus stops are located directly by the airport entrances, at central points in the towns we operate, and close to sights and hotels.

Good value for money. A trip with the Airport Coaches is friendly, comfortable and safe. Choosing Flygbussarna Airport Coaches is good value for money. You can easily buy tickets on our website, in our app, from our ticket machines or onboard the bus. (We don't accept cash when buying onboard the bus.)

An environmentally friendly choice. By using public transport to and from the airport, we are all contributing to a better environment. All of our coaches run on biofuel, and we are continuously working to reduce our fuel consumption through the initiative 'Smart Driving'.

The customer in focus. Satisfied customers is always our goal. Our drivers are proficient, knowledgeable and service minded. Our business is built on high quality, commitment and personality.