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TvÄ gÀster ombord pÄ Vy flygbussarna kollar pÄ en mobil

Comfy bus ride with free WiFi to and from the airport

Ride with Vy flygbussarna airport buses and you will get a comfy and safe ride to and from the city. We offer free WiFi, our buses are modern and our drivers are educated in soft driving, for your comfort and for the environment.

Free WiFi

With our free WiFi you can surf all you want. Dead battery? No problem, all our buses have charging ports by the seats. Usually USB ports but some have plug sockets.

Your luggage

Depending on the type of coach, we either store large luggage inside the coach or in the luggage compartment. You can always bring smaller hand luggage inside the bus, if it fits on the bus shelf.

Travel with children

Children of all ages are welcome. We have booster seats for children over 3 years and you can use your own baby seat for infants. Your child can sit on your lap but in this case only you should wear a seat belt.

Food & drink

You can eat and drink on the bus, but use a lid to avoid spillage, and do not bring smelly foods which may cause discomfort to fellow passengers.


You can bring your pet along if on a leash or in a cage. Out of respect for passengers with allergies, please take a seat in the back of the coach.

Bulky luggage

Luggage such as skis, strollers and golfbags is permitted, but subject to space availability. Make sure to be at the bus stop early in case you need to wait a little longer for a suitable coach.

About your ticket

  • Valid for any departure on the chosen line
  • Travel in any direction (to/from airport)
  • Use within 3 months